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Confessions of an Internet Addict.
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I love the internet.

I love watching old television on Netflix or new television on Hulu.

I like looking at LOL cats.

I love tweeting (even if it's not to say anything more than 'I have tea, Twitter. #tea'). I love that those are being archived by the Library of Congress that realises that Twitter for all its banality and brevity is a primary source jewel mine for historians a hundred years from now.

I love being able to find books on Google Books cause it's in the Public Domain (But Honestly Monica) and read them that same evening rather than having to wait to go to the library the next day and check it out by which point I will have lost interest in reading it and it will sit on my coffee table unread for the next three weeks until I get the over-due notice and I go oops.

I love meeting people with similar interests. I love that those people live in England. Or New Zealand. Or Pakistan. I love that we can talk together about a shared thing, which leads to us learning more about our lives outside of this shared interest too. And that we share our wisdom with each other and encourage each other and support each other like friends do. I love that when Pakistan had blocked Facebook, I didn't learn that from Google news, but from my Twitter feed because my friend was angry that she couldn't Farmville. Not because she wanted to spend her time on crappy Internet games but because her government had decided it had the authority to keep her from doing it. #righteousanger

I love #hashtags.

I love reading the perspectives of feminists, Muslims, atheists, Catholics, Republicans, Democrats, crazy people, and Adventists. I love it when something on the internet really makes me angry, makes my blood boil angry so that I have to walk around the room so that I don't throw my laptop across the room and R says, hey, calm down, and I say but this or that, and he says, that's right. (But I love that it makes me think and takes me outside of my comfort zone and sometimes it makes me see the world a little different...)

I love that I can stay up twenty-four hours in a game chat and watch the Aussies go to bed while the Brits wake up and that we can all talk to each other without static or three months in-between our letters.

I love that I can watch a Mickey's 60th Birthday NBC special from 1988 (until Disney sends YouTube a 'pull it down immediately!' letter D: ).

I love that I can be the part of a creative communal narrative for over a year, where our epic battle logs have more text than many novels, and I wrote that with thirty some other people. Collaboration and connection and editing and creation and it was amazing.

I love that I can read news from Walla Walla, New York, London, and Hong Kong...

I love internet justice.

I love watching Will Wheaton and Neil Gaiman have conversations in my Twitter feed.

I love posting photo albums for my friends and family... in Missouri... or England... or Walla Walla. I love that they can leave me comments that are there for posterity.

I love looking at documents from the Library of Congress, or the National Archives, or the National Library of New Zealand, that I'd never ever in a million years ever get to view without the amazing power of the Internet.

I love critiquing fiction, literature, politicians, whomever -- I love critical thinking. I love fandom. I love reading a friends daughter's review of Twilight on Goodreads. I love that it made me cheer.

I love the friends I've kept because of the Internet allowing us to span the physical distance between us. I love the friends I've made in spite of the physical distance. I love that they've visited me and we've gone hiking and got coffee and done very un-internet-y things. I love that I've visited them. I love that our social interactions are valuable to me and them regardless of whether they happen over coffee together or coffee apart.

I love the serendipity of finding someone's blog... or Twitter... or Flickr... and finding myself inspired by them or that we have so much in common that we become instant friends.

I love ordering detergent that I can't find in any local store (and I've looked... ten times.)

I love finding that recipe of my Mum's that I thought I had, but don't, & can't call her, cause it's 1am in Missouri but I need to make it right now but it's there. The internet has it.

I love that I can look back over ten years of my life. That I can see my cousins baby pictures. That I can chat with my sister, while listening to music.

I love being a participant, not just a consumer. I love ignoring spoilers for my favourite television show... or seeking them out. Depends on my mood you know?

Can I live without the internet. Yeah. I've done it and oddly the thing I missed most was Twitter, go figure considering it's the thing I thought I used the least. BUT, I was on someone's blog and I saw a 'paper tweet' notepad, and then I found those in my favourite internet store, and so now I've ordered one of those (over the internet of course) so the next time I'm without the internet, I can tweet with a good old fashioned pen and paper and stick it in my good old fashioned paper journal and I'll have it for posterity too.

And I have that cause of the Internet.

I love the internet.

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